Tracy Taylor-Scott
Ultimate Warrior Army Co ordinator

Hi i am Tracy most of you will know of me.... so you will already be in the knowledge i love to fund-raise, give..... and care and share..... and have a huge love for Michael Ball and Alfie Boe and thats what has born this unique group..... where i wish to continue the giving but on a bigger scale and inviting others to join in too to make the Warriors for good...... and Making sharing and fundraising and support a positive thing and because we are a group we can do big things and make dreams happen. Whilst enjoying everything that is Michael and Alfie and many posts which are very unique to the group. And with me as the lead you can feel rest assured that I have a very safe Haven for all.... So who is coming to join me and become a "WARRIOR"

Tracy's Michael & Alfie Warrior Army for kindness, caring, sharing and giving  

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