Welcome to Tracy's
Michael & Alfie Warrior Army Fan Group

For Michael Ball and Alfie Boe fans ....
Here to make Fundraising, Support & Fan grouping fun
"Warriors for Good"

"Warriors for Good" Come join us..... and be a "Warrior"..... supporting one another and doing good.... in a fabulous Unique Fundraising support Fan Group

Welcome to Tracy's Michael & Alfie Warrior Army
 Fundraising Support Fan Group for Michael Ball and Alfie Boe fans

So pleased to have you here...... be here in the knowledge we are here to do good and be safe!

Come join our fundraising support Michael Ball & Alfie Boe fan group.... where the love of Michael and Life brings us together... and where fun, caring, sharing and giving are a wonderful bonus

~We are a subscription membership group, a small subscription payment which is an essential part of our fundraising for these amazing charities just £4.99 per month..... or discounted if you subscribe for 6 months or longer.......... this goes to helping not just the charities but our members too......... making a real difference to someones life...... we are making a huge impact..... and you could be part of this too.
What you receive as part of being part of a wonderful group of like minded people far outweighs the small subscription fee...... inspiration, motivation, support, caring people, give-aways, freebies.... the best posts and the most amazing fan group and so much more........ with me as the lead you sure are in for a fabulous time....

~Plus doing wonderful acts of kindnesses for members too along the way, so don't confuse the subscription payment for any thing else other than fundraising for amazing causes ......
We will do anything to help if it is possible

Warriors for Good
A Proposal from Tracy Taylor-Scott

*It has often been asked - what can I as a single person do to help. 
The answer - is a lot!

The old replies - a pebble tossed into a pond creates far-reaching waves; the flapping wings of a single butterfly can create a tornado somewhere in the world - still hold true, Imagine what many can do together?

What I am creating is a group of like-minded people whose aim is to help alleviate suffering, promote positivity, support one another, fundraise, and find a way for good to shine while in a very safe environment whilst enjoying one another's company, Michael & Alfie posts and having some fun along the way.

This group is offering for members such a lot for the small subscription fee, to be able to support one another, one to ones, competitions, acts of kindness, fundraising, motivational, inspirational, funny things, games, guidance, information, trips, meetings, events as we grow, acts of random kindnesses, surprises, tips, giveaways ..... and lots of Michael Ball and Alfie Boe stuff and quite of lot of very unique posts to the group too.... because that is what will bring us all together.

~I am building a safe site - no trolling, no ill-will, no gossip , no bullying, - where people can come together to do this in a very safe environment in deed while doing good, and being supported and supportive!

~The site is administered solely by me ultimately and a very small team of good admin i trust to build my warrior army.
There will be no grace period for violators of the site's code of conduct which you must agree too to become a member of this lovely group if you are removed because of a violation sadly no refund will be given.
I have at TMAWA a safe haven for all and that's why the no grace period is in motion.

While membership will most likely be comprised of fans of both Michael Ball and Alfie Boe, it is not just any fan club, but a very unique one of its kind fundraising support fan group for like minded people who enjoy everything that is Michael and Alfie too.

~We are picking from charities - that Michael supports and also charities supported by Alfie too along with some random ones i pick and we choose as a group combined and will raise funds for these every month.

~There is a monthly subscription fee of £4.99, or you can purchase a 6 month or a 12 month subscription at a discount.

~The proceeds of which a large percentage will act as an on-going endowment fund for these charities - one each month
~Along with some small administration costs
~And a good percentage of monies put into a special pot to give out random acts of kindness to members.
~Competitions and lots lots more to make this a very special fan group in deed.

~I absolutely loved doing the previous charity work it meant so much to me and that continuing the work helps me personally and I want to be able to share this with you all too.

~So with that in mind we are also having standalone fundraising opportunities too..... a chance to give if you can but this is not obligatory.

~Throughout the year, there will be various opportunities to raise even more funds - tickets to concerts, etc. - much like i have done with many of my random acts of kindness during many of my fundraising campaigns all whilst we can have some fun too in a safe place..... away from the bully's !! and as a group we can now share in all this giving too.

~Live giveaways.... with lots of wonderful gifts.... official merchandise.... tickets for shows, random acts of kindnesses etc

So Come join my Warrior Army fan group where you can feel safe in the knowledge you will be well looked after..... whilst sharing in the giving, caring and sharing.

To join you just need to click the links to begin your subscriptions then next you click the link to join the Tracy's Michael & Alfie Warrior Army facebook fan group.... a closed/private fan group so you are in the knowledge what said in the group stays in the group!

I cannot wait to welcome you as part of my Warriors for good!

**For international persons... please contact Tracy Taylor-Scott T/A Tracy's Michael & Alfie Warrior Army first via messenger services or via the contact page using our contact form......We then will issue you with the correct international payment link for your own country.

Our facebook fundraiser for Michael Ball's Chosen Charity Shooting star Children's Hospices did so well we raised £900 ....  

We also did a very quick fundraiser  for children in need and raised £300....

We now have  just finished a fabulous fundraiser  for Alfie Boe's chosen charity Samaritans  and we did so well....  £890....   every penny/pound counts to make a difference in saving life's


WE now have a wonderful fundraiser running raising funds..... too makes wishes come true....... for all members........     Tracy's Michael and Alfie Warrior Army Wishes and at present it sits at approx £330 already 


And o boy we have a brand new fundraiser for Michaels chosen charity Shooting Stars Children's Hospices..... just begun... and already we smashed our target within 5 hrs!......... and we are already at £1298.00
if you wish to donate please follow the link below


Tracy Taylor-Scott

Ultimate Warrior Army Co ordinator

Hi i am Tracy most of you will know of me.... so you will already be in the knowledge i love to fund-raise, give..... and care and share..... and have a huge love for Michael Ball and Alfie Boe and thats what has born this unique group..... where i wish to continue the giving but on a bigger scale and inviting others to join in too to make the Warriors for good...... and Making sharing and fundraising and support a positive thing and because we are a group we can do big things and make dreams happen. Whilst enjoying everything that is Michael and Alfie and many posts which are very unique to the group. And with me as the lead you can feel rest assured that I have a very safe Haven for all.... So who is coming to join me and become a "WARRIOR"

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How to Come join our Fundraising support fan group and join in our fabulous  cause  image
To Join/subscribe to our fabulous fan group all you need to do is just click one of these links both for the Uk or  International payments  and follow all the instructions to set up your subscriptions to this unique fan group for Michael And Alfie fans :

Monthly subscriptions UK

Discounted: -
6 monthly subscriptions UK

Yearly subscriptions UK

1 month plan USA

Discounted 6 month plan. USA

Discounted Yearly plan USA

1 month Euro

Discounted 6 month Euro

Discounted Yearly Euro

Yearly Australia

Discounted 6 month Australia

Discounted 1 monthly Australia

~We are truly international too .... so if you are outside the UK do please send us a message and we can get an international link to you straight away for your country if you require anything different to what is above  and get you started on your wonderful warrior journey.

Once your subscriptions are set up..... that's part of the wonderful fundraising we do for the charities and for the members too.....

Then click this link to join our unique amazing facebook fundraising support fan group which is a private closed group so a safe haven for all and become a member of our ever growing Warrior Army for good making a huge difference and not just for the charities but for the members too

Our fabulous Event trip to The Delaunay London for an amazing Talk from Michael Ball about his life whilst enjoying the elegant surroundings and a lovely meal whilst Michael entertained us all joyously.
  I saw so many familiar faces and I got to say Hello to so many which was so lovely......  I even got to ask Michael a question in which i got the most amazing long answer ..... a Fabulous evening was had..... and thats all because of My amazing Tracys Michael and Alfie Warrior Army fundraising support fan group and if you come join us.... you too could share in these wonderful occasions too.
Its not too late to come subscribe and join a wonderful group of Michael Ball OBE & Alfie Boe fans and join me in Making dreams come true.........
Plus be in with a chance of been **gifted a Theatre ticket of your choice............


** applicable until 28th Feb 2023
Our Theme Tune.... courtesy of Michael & Alfie.

Video rights.... Linda Wellington courtesy of YouTube video share
  •  16/06/2020 12:00 AM

I have a Grow the Group Big Giveaway .... for all new members joining from today! Coming soon.... for all new members joining and subscribing from today..... A Giveaway like no other and you could be a "Giftee "! Random acts of kindness Give-away especially for new members who subscribe from today.... You will be popped in to a separate special Giveaway I will be doing very soon....... along with another full group fabulous giveaway also happening too ....... Random members will receive gifts from me to them.... from myself and lots of lovely members who have kindly donated to my Treasure Trove too🥰💛 So two very special and huge giveaways coming to the group.... very very soon.... and you have to be in it to win it..... The gifts are wonderful...... tickets to shows....... Ball and Boe official Merchandise........ Beauty gifts, jewellery, and so much more.... we are a Unique and very special Fan Group like no other....... Please come check us out at : https://www.tracysmichaelandalfiewarriorarmy.com But do remember we are more than the website.... thats just the taster just like Vegas!..... what happens in the group stays in the group🙃😉.... we are a closed private group ... a safe haven for all with so much Michael and Alfie fun going on.....🥰😁 Come join we would love to have you here xx💛

  •  15/04/2020 12:00 AM

Coming very very soon......... a wonderful give-away... of random acts of kindnesses in Tracy's Michael and Alfie Warrior Army .... it could be merchandise, it be could be tickets to a show..... it could could be something else.....!? ..... but you will need to be in it to win it...... To come join our wonderful fundraising support fan group for Michael Ball OBE & Alfie Boe fans.... a fan group like no other...... Warriors doing good..........just click the link below and come see what we are about..... and follow the links to join and subscribe..... We are totally international..... so pop me a message if you require a link to subscribe for your country.

**Coming very soon..... Tracys Inspirational warriors...... "If only you knew my story" image**Coming very soon..... Tracys Inspirational warriors...... "If only you knew my story" image
📢🔈Coming to you very soon ✨

I have been keeping something very special under wraps 😅✨

But now I am so excited to share with you All 🙏🙏💛
I have been waiting for this day to come 😅🙏🙏
**Please do kindly read right to the bottom 🙏🙏🥰 to find out All the details.... because you May be interested 💛🙏💛

"I am launching my Very own Podcasts"...... 🎙️✨Tracy's Inspirational Warriors "If you only knew my story" ✨Coming to you early this year 🙏

This is not about me wanting a pat on the back.... Far from it 🙏It's about myself and others talking about our illnesses, journeys, family life, working life, grief, mental illnesses, and our journeys in life in general, what formed us to be A Warrior for good 🙏 as part of the podcasts, how Michael Ball and Alfie Boe's work and Even myself have formed part of that journey 🙏and May have been inspirational and motivational to you 🙏💛🙏

It's not just for the TMAWA group this will be going out in to the wide wild world 🙏It's about life as Warriors and what forms us!! to be "Warriors"And will begin with a series of podcasts
" If you only knew my story"
1st one will be about me..... And how Michael and Alfie have formed part of it along the journey......

Then this will lead on to others sharing their stories too in up and coming podcasts .... Tracy's Inspirational Warriors ....who have gone through a lot in life to come out the other side to be Warriors!!

That's the way I wish it to go .... So this way it inspires others to talk 🙏🙏

All the podcasts will be available on most podcasts platforms.... Apple, Amazon, Google etc A new episode every week 🙏
And that's were you come in.... I am looking for people to come tell their stories..... on how Michael Ball, Alfie Boe or both have been part of your life and Even myself may have inspired and Even motivated you to become a "Warrior" and I don't mean just part of my fan group I mean *Warriors in life 🙏So anyone can apply 🥰
I want to hear your stories 🙏... No matter how varied I would love to hear about them 🙏🙏🥰

To apply just send me a message letting me know you are interested in taking part.... and a paragraph about yourself ..... and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Don't be shy 🙏 I am very approachable 🥰🙏This will be a totally different thing then what is presented on Facebook and social media ....These will be inspiring stories shared world wide with my niche at the forefront of the stories.

The people I will be ultimately presenting to will be very interested in people's life's stories 🙏 and how they have got to where they are now..... So the presenter.... I.e me has to have the knowledge and the link to the theme and the stories in question 🙏🙏

So that's where I come in.... I will be the lead presenter... interviewing the storytellers in my unique friendly kind knowledgeable way.... with a touch of humor thrown in too🙏 🥰

✨In a nutshell I am bringing the people to you in the hope I can inspire you.... and in return you may want to inspire others too.... and Even come and chat with me and share your life journey also 😅💛🥰

All podcasts will be professionally formatted and pre recorded ..... Shared to most platforms.

It's so exciting.... I have a lot to share.... And I bet you do too and I can certainly talk 😉😅🎉 Let your voice be heard ✨

Don't be afraid ✨ to give up the good to go for the great ✨Who's excited as me??.... Who's interested?....
Who would like to take part?....

Do let me know xx
A Congratulations To Janet Reck you  have been gifted a gift of a Theatre ticket of your choice....... in my recent  giveaway  for  coming to join my  lovely Tracys Michaels and Alfie Warrior Army fundraising support fan group🥳🥰 Well done xxIf you sat on the fence..... about coming to subscribe and missed out this time ... don't worry because we have so many more opportunities to be gifted a lovely gift....  within our lovely group....  your now seeing what we are achieving...... would you like to be part of that too?...........just come and join us check out our link below..... to get an idea what we are about...then come subscribe..... and  come join the fun, support and so much more its so rewarding.... just ask our members...https://www.tracysmichaelandalfiewarriorarmy.com   a place of safety, support, giving, caring, friendships and so much Michael and Alfie  fun too 🥰 xx


Coming soon

Finished fundraisers..... we are so proud of

✨Today I am so incredibly proud to announce that Myself and my lovely Tracy's Michael and Alfie Warrior Army fundraising support fan group along with lots of you lovely people too 🙏......... Smashed the Fundraiser for The Samaritans..... Wow!! Thank you so very much... your generosity is so incredibly appreciated 👏👏 WE have raised a considerable sum for Samaritans through the sheer generosity of everyone....... and along with the subscription fee from my lovely group we have raised £890!✨ Wow I am totally blown away to have raised this amount in less then a month...... What a fabulous start to our amazing fan group..... brought together for the love of Michael Ball OBE & Alfie Boe 🥰 and sharing in the love of giving, support and kindness and fun thrown in💛 We are so very grateful for all your wonderful support throughout this wonderful fundraiser...... Plus 2 lucky people will be winning a ticket to the Nspcc Childline Christmas Show at Cadagan Hall starring Michael Ball OBE🥰 1 vip ticket and 1 close up gallery ticket up for grabs...... Good Luck 🤞🤞 Plus I have already given a way as a random act of kindness for one lucky winner A fabulous Meet and greet and ticket to a show next year with Alfie Boe making a lucky persons dreams come true xx Watch out for the fabulous giveaway coming soon xx 💛💛💛 If you would love to be part of our wonderful fan group..... making a real difference .... not just for the charities but the members too....then follow the links to join..... we would love to have you as part of our wonderful Warriors for Good.......

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We have an Amazing fundraiser for Alfies Samaritans live on Facebook fundraiser right now... along with we have just successfully had Michael's chosen Charity Shooting Star Children's Hospices we raised £900.00 & Children in Need £300.00 all with In one month! I am very proud of this achievement for these wonderful causes .... as well as raising funds in our amazing group too

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Fun, Games, Competitions & Giveaways Galore

✨Mammoth Competition giveaways✨ ✨My random act of Kindness ✨ Tickets, official Ball and Boe merchandise as prizes ✨Subscribe to my lovely fundraising support fan group ... And be entered into a competition to win a ticket to the opening night of Aspects of love.... Front row... ✨💛✨ My random acts of kindnesses ✨💛✨ plus donate to the Samaritans fundraiser and be in with the chance of winning..... a fabulous meet and greet with Alfie plus show ticket ! ✨Links are below to see what we are all about.... I will pop the link's to pay the very small subscription which pays absolute huge dividends !! In the comments below ✨ ✨We have already given away tickets galore, merchandise and lots lots more.... Our fundraising is smashing it.... And o wow we have the best Michael and Alfie posts !! ✨ ✨We are building a community of like minded lovely people 🥰.... And o boy it's working ✨💛

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Fan Group

We must mention the we are unique fan group for Michael Ball and Alfie Boe fans too...... unique in that we all share in both the love of the fabulous Men together in our fabulous fundraising support fan group sharing in the love of Michael and Alfie and wanting to make a difference both for the charities and the members ...... in a very safe haven.... no bullying, ill will, trolling, a safe place to share your love and grow....and be inspired and motivated...... while making a huge difference whilst enjoying everything that is Michael and Alfie while we can bring to you some unique content too in a very special way.

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It's getting really exciting @AlfieBoe @RoyalAlbertHall @the_overtones it's going to be amazing ...✨ I cannot wai… https://t.co/5IkwxMOBYg

Tracys Fundraiser I am doing random act of kindnesses openly in the Tracy's Michael & Alfie warrior Army group in… https://t.co/bz67G3SGJ0

@TracyTaylorSco2 @AlfieBoe This is amazing! Thank you so much for your support 💚

I am incredibly proud that my lovely Tracy's @mrmichaelball &Alfie Warrior Army fundraising support fan group WE ha… https://t.co/FTJhZvUGTv

Fun day filming with these guys yesterday @jamesmartinchef #satbains and @LittlechefSally Great chat talking all… https://t.co/mtC1Q8MB7P

Tickets for my rescheduled event at Ely Cathedral on Tuesday, are still available from the lovely lot at Topping &… https://t.co/Yj6BTJS7YV

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Welcome to our new Tracy's Michael & Alfie Warrior Army forum facebook group.

Here you can find a great community for sharing new ideas and talking about day to day life, supporting, being supportive, caring, sharing and giving and lots of fun and games, with giveaways, competitions, motivational , inspirational and fundraising, events, zoom calls, random acts of kindness and lots lots more of Michael and Alfie talk too

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